Batik Scarf Painting Workshop

Batik Scarf Painting Workshop

March 21, 2020 3:00 PM at Elizabeth Ave Station

All Materials Provided

This batik class with Munirah Rimer of Teratai Malaysia does not require any artistic experience.

Batik is an ancient art of decorating cloth using beeswax and dyes. In this class you will experiment with color, learn a new craft and produce your own wearable batik scarf. Get immersed in the unique and beautiful world of batik. Observe the intricate technique of applying the wax or Tjanting and then get 'hands on" painting a 22"x22" scarf.

Choice of pre-designed images are available on first come first serve basis. Seats are limited. We will provide all the supplies. Can't wait to batik with you.

Material: 100% cotton, 22" x 22"
Regular price $60